Commissioner and Enteprise Advisory

Epiqus is committed not only to promoting financial and societal/environmental returns through its fund management activities, but also to supporting the growth of the wider impact investment sector. It is in this spirit that we have established an advisory function within Epiqus to assist both public service commissioners and private sector mission-driven enterprises such as charities.

Outcomes-based Procurement

Outcomes-based Procurement

public sector clients

In a time of rapid change and escalating challenges the public sector needs new solutions and innovation to deliver what is needed in a cost effective way. To stimulate and bring these innovations to the market, public sector actors need to take responsibility and be proactive managers of supply chains. This not only means changes in way specifications are written and procurement is planned and managed; it also means that procurement professionals, operational staff and policy leads will need to work together to identify and address unmet needs.

Outcomes-based procurement is where a commissioning body agrees to fund a provider on the basis that they will achieve particular agreed outcomes (rather than deliver particular outputs). The provider does not have to specify how they will achieve these outcomes. The aim is to enable providers to innovate and to create better services which are tailored to the needs of service users. Epiqus advises commissioning bodies at both national and municipal levels on the design and implementation of outcomes-based procurement programmes.

Outcomes-linked Financing

Outcomes-linked Financing

both client types

When private financing is added to outcomes-based procurement, the private sector service providers can engage with buyers of outcomes without carrying financial risk themselves. The most common form of outcomes-linked financing to date is the Social Impact Bond, in which a public sector actor contracts for improved social outcomes with an investment vehicle or through a financial instrument instead of service providers directly. The intermediary managing the investment vehicle then raises private financing to fund the purchase of services delivering the intervention. If the intervention is successful, the public sector actor repays investors and provides a risk-adjusted return.

We are experienced and appropriately regulated managers of investment vehicles and advisors for financial instrument issuance for outcomes-linked financing.

Nonprofit Business Coaching

Business Coaching for Nonprofits

private sector clients

Donors are increasingly focussed on achieving their mission goals with quantifiable and cost-effective methods. As a result, mission-driven enterprises, be they foundations, charities, endownments, associations or social enteprises, are increasingly turning to strategy, organisational, financial and operational tools developed for for-profit companies. Whether an organisation delivers value to its stakeholders in the form of profits or in the form of impact, the management toolkit is essentially the same.

Epiqus works to unlocks the potential of mission-driven enterprises through corporate finance, organisational, operational and strategic advice. We help in connecting money to mission effectively. We deliver our advise through a flexible coaching approach rather than through consulting or interim management.