Actively Investing Funds

Epiqus Työhyvinvointi I ("Tyhy-SIB") is a Social Impact Bond (SIB) that provides occupational wellness and preventive occupational healthcare services for public-sector employees in Finland. It is commissioned by several municipalities. Impact is measured as the reduction in the number of of sick-leave days compared to historical baseline-data times the cost of a sick-leave day. Epiqus Työhyvinvointi I is the first SIB in the Nordic countries, and a qualifying social entrepreneurship fund under the EuSEF regulations.

Epiqus Kotouttaminen I ("Koto-SIB") is a SIB that provides fast-track integration training and employment for immigrants seeking international protection in Finland. It is commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Employment. Impact evaluation is conducted as a Randomized Control Trial and measured through differences in tax collections and unemployment benefit payments between control and target groups. Epiqus Kotouttaminen I is the largest SIB in Europe, and a qualifying social entrepreneurship fund under the EuSEF regulations.

  • Tyhy-SIB represents a groundbreaking new approach for bringing top private sector resources to address public sector healthcare challenges through preventive interventions. We are proud of the contribution that our focus area has made to its development, and delighted to be part of it as an anchor investor.

    The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • We are delighted that EIF and Epiqus can boost financing for social sector organisations and social enterprises, whilst catalysing private capital to support the development of the social sector […] the EIF investment [in Koto-SIB] will contribute to overall social cohesion in Finland.

    European Investment Fund
  • Rapid employment of immigrants reduces integration training costs and employment benefit payouts, and increases tax collections. In addition, Koto-SIB also meets the needs of both immigrants and employers.

    Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Commissioned or Planned Funds

In addition to the two actively investing SIBs, Epiqus has, in a consortium with FIM and Central Union for Child Welfare, launched a third SIB focussed on child welfare and youth social exclusion. This "Lapsi-SIB" has been commissioned by KL-Kuntahankinnat through a framework agreement benefiting several Finnish municipalities.

Epiqus is additionally working on business cases for delivering intervention programmes aimed at improving outcomes in long-term unemployment, type 2 diabetes and independent living for the elderly. Finally, scoping studies are on the way for an impact insurance product, a development impact bond product and an environmental impact bond product.

Our key mid-term goal is to raise a single SIB and social entrepreneurship fund to finance our rapidly expanding deal pipeline, some of which is set out above.

Selected Investors in Our Funds



Cornerstone investor in Koto-SIB.

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Cornerstone investor in both Tyhy-SIB and Koto-SIB.

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Cornerstone investor in Koto-SIB.

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First closing investor in Koto-SIB.

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