About Epiqus

Epiqus' founding vision is that hands-on investment management expertise and entrepreneurial talent can be harnessed to address some of the most difficult social and environmental challenges. In line with that vision, we focus on investments that generate market returns through helping solve pressing social or environmental challenges. In addition to investing, we partner with public sector stakeholders, innovators from every sector and the financial community to develop and build funding models, and to provide financial and advisory services to bring rigour and capital to the delivery of sustainable social and environmental change.

Epiqus is the second registered EuSEF- (European Social Entrepreneurship Fund) manager in Europe. Epiqus is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. We operate as a social enterprise, dedicating 50% of our profits to social and environmental mission goals. Our mission-driven purpose and socio-environmental ethos are enshrined in our constitutional documents. Epiqus is also a member of the Global Impact Investing Network and a signatory to United Nations’ PRI.

Investment Management and Impact Advisory

Social Impact Fund Management

Epiqus works as a fund manager, intermediating between the financial community on one hand and public service commissioners or mission-driven organisations such as charities on the other hand, to manage funds that create market returns through helping meet pressing social challenges. In social impact fund management, our experience includes:

  • Identifying and defining the social issue
  • Procurement and contracting
  • Intervention programme design
  • Defining outcome metrics
  • Investment vehicle/instrument structuring
  • Fundraising
  • Fund and portfolio management

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Development Impact Fund Management

We work with public sector international development organisations that have interest in using impact investing tools to help them reach their mission goals, particularly when such engagements may lead into development impact fund management mandates. In development impact fund management, our experience includes:

  • Scoping studies and feasibility work
  • Defining donor and target country impact goals
  • Formulating investment thesis and strategy
  • Aligning financial and mission goals
  • Running an effective ESG programme
  • Deal pipeline construction and management
  • Dealmaking, portfolio management and exits

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Commissioner and Enterprise Advisory

Epiqus works also in an advisory capacity with public service commissioners and mission-driven enterprises / organisations such as charities to reshape their service delivery and/or expand their impact by focussing on outcomes, while reducing costs. In commissioner advisory and enterprise advisory, our experience includes:

  • Impact and financial data evaluation and analysis
  • Modelling service maps against cost and outcomes
  • Outcomes-based procurement
  • Contracting for impact and outcomes
  • Legal structuring
  • Corporate finance
  • Capital raising

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